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Posted on 2012.03.01 at 08:23
Current Mood: worriedworried
Sorry for the lack of updates. With the advent of Facebook and my new blog, there's just not much for me to say here. I'll probably abandon LJ entirely soon.

Been crazy busy lately. Busting my ass and studying harder than I have in my life, but it's been paying off. I'm making straight A's so far this semester. I still can't believe I aced my pharmacology II midterm. It had something like 140 drugs on it when we counted them up.

This afternoon I return to that internal specialist I mentioned in my last post to discuss my blood work results. No news is good news, so that means something came out wrong. I'm just praying it wasn't the ANA test, because that would indicate an autoimmune problem, most likely lupus. And if it's lupus, due to my symptoms (pain, numbness, tingling sensations in my extremities) it would mean that I'm making antibodies against my nervous tissue. That does NOT have a good prognosis.

Anyway, if you want to continue keeping up with me, my new blog is: http://mydvmvacation.blogspot.com/

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