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Posted on 2012.01.21 at 01:15
Current Mood: worriedworried
I'm seeing an internal specialist next Friday. Been having dull, aching pains in my legs for the last six or seven months. Within the last month, tingling and numbness in my feet got added. I saw a doctor and they tested for diabetes (of course) which my blood sugar was picture perfect. They diagnosed me with sciatica and put me on anti-inflammatory meds. It didn't work, so I went back today and got referred to the internal doc for a full blood workup.

I just really need some piece of mind that this isn't vascular. As long as I'm reassured that I'm not going to start throwing clots to my brain and lungs, I'll be happy. I have some indications that it's not: I have no heat, redness or edema in my legs. And it's bilateral, usually thrombosis presents unilaterally. So that's encouraging. Still, my legs hurt and my feet almost always have pins and needles sensation, which is downright scary when you don't know what it is.

C'mon next Friday? Even though I have two exams... Ugh. If it turns out they can't find out what's wrong and my symptoms get worse I'll have to duck out of this semester in order to go back to the States to have an MRI done. Luckily my school is pretty forgiving of medical emergencies and I'll be able to repeat the semester. But that means I won't graduate with my friends, which makes me really sad.

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