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Posted on 2012.01.19 at 21:43
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So I got some "omg so exciting" encouragement this evening!

By now most of you should know that I want to practice lab animal medicine. I love rats and mice, and as much as I used to think I'd go into exotic animal clinical practice, the further I get in vet school the more I'm leaning toward spending my career in research and lab animal medicine. It makes sense, since as much as I love reptiles and birds as well as rodents, and I really do enjoy working with owners, the biggest impact I can make on the welfare of rodents is via working in the research field.

I've been a member of the American Society of Lab Animal Practitioners chapter at my school for the last four semesters. I met Dr. Brad Goodwin through them, who is basically the biggest name in lab animal medicine. This guy sits on major accrediting bodies and has fingers in every honey pot in the field. He's also a super nice guy. We've talked a bit about my work with Harlan before, but this semester I'm taking his lab animal elective. We've had the opportunity to talk a lot more and tonight he basically told me that I've got a brilliant future ahead of me (actually, that's a direct quote) and to call him anytime I needed help finding work in the future.

This guy can open almost any door you want in lab animal medicine. To have him as a friend is good. To have him essentially tell you that he'll help you find a good job is remarkable.


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