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Posted on 2012.01.06 at 13:55
Current Mood: soresore
So apparently I have a cervix of steel. They tried to put in Mirena and after three attempts and multiple instruments, it became apparent that I'd need to be medically dilated before anything was going into my uterus. Since I'm leaving the country, um today, they offered me Implanon instead. I was hesitant because I went off of the pill due to excessive bloating and weight gain and this implant also has systemically active levels of hormone, although less than the pill. But the benefit of 3 years of worry free, effort free sex seemed worth it so I went for it.

It's a tiny piece of silicone implanted in your inner arm around the biceps area, just under the skin. I was like, "Oh, like a microchip! Wait... That's a big fucking needle." They numb you up so you don't feel anything but the initial OH JESUS IT BURNS LIKE FIRE novacaine. However, the bruise it left is huge and very tender. It makes me grateful I've never had invasive surgery because fuck, this hurts and it was just a superficial needle minor surgery.


rurounihime at 2012-01-06 19:48 (UTC) (Link)
That might be the best first line ever. ^____^
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